Man dies after eating cocaine from his brother’s butt!

Say what?? Yes, you read that correctly!

OK I was going to go to bed, but came across this story,and I had to write about it, actually I’m ……. lost……. for words to describe how stupid this was!

So two brothers in South Carolina were pulled over for a broken tail light, so the officer arrests them and puts them handcuffed into the back of his car. Sounds like a pretty normal story here, doesn’t it? LOL Well then Deangelo Mitchell talked his little brother into “eating” the cocaine that he had hidden up his…….  butt!

This is 26 year old Deangelo Mitchell, police say he hid cocaine up his butt and then convinced his brother to eat it. Apparently Deangelo was on his third strike and feared going to prison and staying there for a very long time so much that he got his little brother to eat the package he had hidden in his butt! Below is the link to the video, it should be noted the brother doesn’t die in the video, but you can clearly see him “eating” the drugs.

Mitchell Brothers In Police Car

OK so that is just nasty,  I love my family but I would never eat something that came from any one of their butts!!   eewwwww

I  “love you bro” Wayne says to his brother before the video cuts off. I can’t believe this story, seems like perfect candidates for a Darwin Award! The older brother told Wayne the younger brother “One of us gotta do it, you the only one that don’t have any strikes. ….You my little brother….. I’m gonna get life”.   So Wayne did what his brother asked and ate the ……um …… stuff, he later died. He was bleeding from the mouth when police found him, and an autopsy later proved he had died from “acute cocaine poisoning”.  Deangelo is now charged with involuntary manslaughter.

Well I hope that was worth it, not only did you loose your brother, but now you have another charge, for killing him! Guess ya got that third strike?