Earthquakes in New Zealand

Christchurch New Zealand was hit by a series of powerful earthquakes today.

An initial 5.8-magnitude quake sent the airport building swaying from side to side and shoppers scurried from a supermarket as products fell from shelves. About 90 minutes later, a second large quake shook the city and it has been among a series of aftershocks. Here’s live coverage of the event as news comes to hand.

This page is tracking the action live

Could these earthquakes be a warning of something bigger to come?

There were various reports recently about new hot springs boiling in the peninsula. People also reporting the stench of sulphur emanating from the harbour area. Navy and army are apparently combing the area with geological survey tools. Residents are scarred that Ruaumoko volcano is coming to life.

This article is dated in March 2011, but I think it’s interesting.

Lake Taupo is a super volcano located on the Northern Island, and away from the current earthquakes.

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