Way to go NOLA, now let’s move onto the 9 year old who was also shot

Three men have been arrested for the murder of Keira Holmes. Narkee Hunter (left) was the first arrested, Terrious Owney (middle) was the tracked down by US Marshals in Georgia last night, and last but not least Tyrone Knockum (right) was arrested this morning.

This is great! However everybody wants justice to be served for their child whether they are young or old, so I think this new found cooperation with police by the citizens of New Orleans, needs to keep up!

 On Sunday there was another shooting, a nine year old boy was shot in the back, when he got caught in crossfire. I know someone there saw who did it, now it’s your turn to do the right thing and come forward! There is a $5000 reward for information leading to the capture of the person responsible. This little boy lived, and he is current doing fine, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deserve justice! Street justice doesn’t work, it’s a never ending cycle, I know there are many crooked cops in NOLA, but come on!! The only way to stop the violence to to aid the police in getting the violent people off of them.

I hope this little boy gets the justice he and his family deserve.If you know who shot him you can call: 504-822-1111