1man arressted and 1 man sought in connection with the shooting of a two year old

Narkee Hunter was arrested Tuesday in connection with the shooting of Keira Holmes, who was shot and killed. On the right is Terrious Owney, who is sought in connection with the crime. They are also looking for a white Chevy Tahoe Louisiana License Plate  VCC 068   A third man was murdered midday Monday in a home in St. Roch.

They found one of the men who killed the little girl, and they are looking for a second man. These men were career criminals and never should have been out on the street in the first place. A third man who they say had something to do with the girl’s murder was killed Monday. The kid they shot is in critical condition, and he was arrested also, but was out on bond, and he never saw a judge so I take back the comment I made about the judge that let him out.

They were part of the 3-N-G drug gang, I’ve never heard of them but they were apparently named that because of the streets that they formed or met on or something just as stupid.  Apparently they hung out at Galvez and Third Street.

It doesn’t even matter why they shot, the fact remains they shot! and WHY? why do people these days think that the only solution to a problem is to shoot someone? What can be done to stop this? They don;t realize or care that DEATH is FINAL, I think it should be a mandatory class in school that these kids have to go through that makes them see what bullets do. How bullets kill people, they should have to go to a shooting crime scene and watch what the investigators do, then they should make them go and tell the family their loved one isn’t coming back and finally they should make them watch the autopsy. They should make them attend the funeral. Then maybe they would understand that you can’t just “re spawn” yourself, you can’t reset the game and make yourself alive again.

I really don’t know what the answer is but, there has to be an answer! They aren’t scared of the police, they aren’t scared of anyone, but maybe if they see the finality of death, maybe just maybe they’ll understand.

RIP Keira Holmes