Where is my dog Zynga?? Green Thumb Games!!???

I have played Zynga games on and off, well mostly off for the past few years, I get into them then my interest slowly fades out. I have been playing Farmville 2 Country Escape for a couple months now it is made for mobile devices.



I’ve stopped playing it for a while and picked it back up and started playing it again. Recently they had a quest/competition called The Green Thumb Games, the prize for 1-5 place was a Golden Retriever, at first I was like I’m never going to win that dog anyway, so why bother. Dogs for those that don’t know in the game cost keys, keys are very rarely rewarded when you complete certain tasks. The only other way to get keys is to buy them and the dogs usually cost I’m guessing  around 10-15 US dollars, or 400 keys! I have never and will never buy keys for this game, I spend enough real money on my real pets, don’t need to spend real money on a pixel pet!


OK back to my problem with Zynga …. one morning I had a really good run on selling things and moved up from 14th or possibly worse, not sure where I was on the board, but I moved up to 3rd place! I was so excited, I may actually win this dog, or so I thought! All I needed to do was maintain my 3rd place spot and I would get the dog. Every day for the next week I would sell some items to stay in 3rd place. The event ended on Sunday at midnight, I stayed up ….still in 3rd place and was counting down the moments till the event ended and I was awarded my dog, 12 comes and goes, I got confetti was still in 3rd place, but no dog.


I figured OK I’ll just wait till tomorrow go back into the game and get my dog …… WRONG! The next day I open up the game and it gave me a message saying thanks for playing The Green Thumb Games, and here is my award 1,000 coins! WTH?? I was so angry,  went on the internet to find out that MANY MANY people were also not awarded the dog.

Zynga says they are aware of the problem and are working to fix it, but then they start another event!! Why, why Zynga would you start another event when the first one was so fucked up,  you have so many people waiting on the stupid dog? Why would I even try to win a “prized” horse, that I will probably never see if Green Thumb was any indication???? Why promise so many people a damn dog and then not actually give them the dog!?

It may be stupid, I will probably use the dog once and then stop playing ……. but it’s the principle,  and I want my dog!! Your move Zynga!

#BB16 Final 3 is finally here!!! Wooooo!!

I have been watching Big Brother since season 9, yeah I know …. I know, lots say it was the worst season in BB history, I don’t agree. BB9 offered lots, TONS of exciting moments on the live feeds, yes they were trashy, raunchy and the winner turned out to be a drug dealer …… but they knew how to have fun, and keep us, the audience interested!


Every year since then I have heard the usual complaints “OMG worst season EVER!!” “Worst HGs ever” “they are so boring” blah blah blah …… People say this every year. This year REALLY  has been the most boring EVER, the TV show has kept things interesting.

BB10 for instance was great! The dynamics were great, they had some great nights on the feeds, much different than the nights on BB9, but they were great! The fights, from Keesha’s birthday to Jerry screaming “you’re going Hooooome!!” Lots of excitment, and never a dull moment!

BB11 was the same from the Jeff and Jordan’s showmance to Chima’s not so graceful exit, never a dull moment.

BB12 was good too at first, I loved Britney, not so much Rachel but I did love to hate Rachel, and Britney’s funny …..some say bitchy comments about her were so funny! I loved it! I did not like the “Brigade” and it did get boring towards the end because those guys were just rolling over the rest of the house, not so much fun, but overall it was another great season of BB!

BB13 was OK, I can’t say it was the best, but still OK, I did not like that they brought back people for this BB, but it was still good. They had many moments I was glued to the computer screen from Rachel’s meltdown(s) to Jeff loosing his clown shoe, I thought the end of that one seemed a bit “off” but that’s only cause production made sure Rachel ended up winning, other than that another good year of BB!

BB14 Again brought people back. It started out with a bang! Willie was flucking crazy!! I stayed interested in that one up until I lost my internet, thanks to Hurricane Isaac, and couldn’t watch!! After that point I kinda became uninterested and stopped watching, I did tune back into the feeds when I got my internet back, not as much as before, it was still interesting tho. I was so sure Dan would win again, it was a nice surprise when he didn’t, and I love Dan, I think he’s one of the best players of BB, but it was kinda good to see someone new win! Plus Ian was adorkable!

Last year was truly horrible, the winner the second place winner, ugh disgusting … the racism … they were awful people last year, but BUT they did even unintentionally keep the “feedsters” interested! I don’t really have anything good to say about any of the players from last year. I do think the players from last year did in a HUGE way affect the way they picked players for this year tho. I think BB casting decided to go super safe this year, or they gave the people a warning about what NOT to do, I’m not sure …. I do know I don’t like it!

This year has really been the most boring year of having the feeds, since I have been getting them. I stopped regularly tuning into the feeds weeks ago, I haven’t done that well ….. EVER!

The HGs this year are so boring, I’m not entirely sure why? If you watch the feeds you know, they never do anything! The year started out OK, then got a lil creepy, with Caleb’s weird and stalker like obsession with Amber. They have done a great job of editing it for TV tho, which let’s be honest that’s all they care about. The TV edit made it look like these people are actually interesting, when they are not in any way interesting! I’ve known since week 2 Derrick would make it to the end, and if he wins the final HOH he plans to take Victoria, and he has done a wonderful job at manipulating these people, maybe that’s why it just isn’t interesting. Maybe I wanted someone to challenge him on ANYTHING he says, but this year NO ONE has ever challenged him on anything, they just blindly go along with whatever he says!


The final 3 is Derrick, Cody and Victoria ……. if you’ve watched the feeds you know it makes for a very boring final 3! LOL I’m sorry but these people are so boring! Cody is so boring, he just does nothing, always saying he’s going to tell people off, but never actually doing it. Victoria ….. poor, poor Victoria that girl is just a waste of space, she does nothing. Derrick is awesome at the game, just not to watch!! He likes to play things on the safe side, which in turn equals boring feeds. Nobody this year seems to have a backbone, or balls!

Cody won part one of the final HOH battle, they still have 2 parts to play, Victoria was out first surprising no one!



Who will win? No idea, I think and hope Derrick will he plays the game 24/7.

The winner will be announced on CBS on Wednesday Sept 24 at 8:30 (central time), and Tomorrow Friday Sept 19 at 7:00 (central)  they will have a special “looking back” episode, tho there isn’t much to look back at….. LOL


Guilty!!!!!! Ronald Vail convicted in the murder of my cousin!!!


RIP Joey.

It is finally over!


I have been waiting for the news outlets to get a hold of this story for HOURS!!! Well they finally have!!!!!

Tangipahoa jury convicts man of murder


TANGIPAHOA PARISH, LA (WAFB) -A jury in Tangipahoa Parish convicted a man for a murder case dating back to April 2012.

It took less than 3 hours for the jury to decide the fate for Hammond resident Ronald Vail, 59, of 2nd degree murder. Vail was charged for killing 42-year-old Joseph Daigle of Metairie, La. Deputies said they arrived on the scene and found Vail standing on the porch of the home where the shooting happened. They added Daigle was already dead.
Formal sentencing will be on August 6th. Vail is facing life behind bars.



LOL I was so happy today when I found out that Ronald Vail had been convicted in the 2nd degree murder of my cousin!! I could not wait to type this message up!!!  I was just waiting for the news to get the story and to put it out there, before I did! I have dreamt of typing this story up in the past, only it never happened :(

I have no idea what I can or can not write about here, so I’ll keep it short ……. for now, that is till he the asshole is sentenced on Aug 6! I didn’t go to court today or yesterday, I have been watching his daughter. I just want to say as the only real witness my cousin’s wife, did a great job!!  I heard the same story she told me the day my cousin was killed, is the same story she told in court … and ……  to me …… that means it’s the >>>> truth <<<<<<<

I do know that the sentence for second degree murder in Louisiana is Life in prison without the possibility of parole.

R.I.P Cuz Love you!

It’s over!!!!

#BB16 Week Two ……. What a week!!!!

OK so I started to write this the Saturday, then Devin went all Devin on us and I was like OK, I’ll wait a day, then he started talking about putting Zach up, and I was ……. OK I’m just going to wait till the POV ceremony takes place! I will try to stay in order, but some things may not be, it’s been a hell of a week in the BB house!!!

Where to begin, well Devin won HOH, he then threatened Paola that she needed to throw the comp and he would pull her off the block. He faced off with Amber’s nominees and his lost, so he stayed HOH. That was the most normal part of this week so far!!



Saturday after the Battle of The Block, King Devin asked to meet with Brittany in HOH room, he talked at her for hours it seemed, I can’t stand his voice so it was torture to listen to him talk for so long, I kept muting them and he kept talking!!



Anyway he hugged her, and she went downstairs, she did accept “the deal” he offered her, he said he was going to use the Veto on her and put Victoria up in her place.

Devin then pulls Victoria upstairs and talks at her too. Yes, I use talks at, when talking about Devin because that’s what he does!! He infuriates me!!!

07-05-2014-22.28.36.Cam4He told her she comes off as “entitled” , and she does. She cried in the house because she has to listen to people she doesn’t like!!! Who does that?? She was pissed off last week cause Joey ruined her bikini top. She cried cause her hair extensions fell out …. so I can see where he comes from with that!! Anyway he talked at her for a while, then promised not to put her up ??????? OK …..

This next part has nothing to do with game but was weird, and when I started writing this blog entry it was one of the last things that had happened! LOL

Amber and Caleb talked about relationships etc… for like 2 hours on Saturday, she told him that she didn’t like that he hunts, was wondering how he could kill a little deer. He tried to make it sound like he didn’t enjoy hunting, he told her his brothers wives didn’t like hunting either, but they don’t forbid them from hunting …. He asked her if she had ever seen the Outdoors Channel, she said how could you do that??? LOL Here’s the weirdness ….. he told a story that when he was 4 he was paralyzed cause he fell asleep like this:


When he woke up he couldn’t move his legs, so he went to the hospital in North Carolina, they were flying in Doctors from everywhere, they gave him all kinds of antibiotics and were trying to figure out what was wrong with him. His parents left to go get McDonald’s, and a black guy came in grabbed his feet, started praying “speaking in tongues” and he was healed!!!! I was like that’s weird ..and familiar… then someone on Joker’s pointed out that it was in The Green Mile!!!  Caleb you are a weird one for sure!!

Brittany had lied to everyone about making a deal with Devin she hadn’t told the truth at all to anyone. Then Derrick being the undercover cop that he is got her to fess up!


Now Derrick knows Brittany sold her soul to the devil!

Then she decides no she didn’t and  Brittany started to say she would “refuse” the POV if Devin tried to use it on her. I don’t even know if it’s possible to do that, no one in the history of Big Brother has ever been that stupid.


The whole house was talking to each other, not much  drama at all.  The next day Sunday, much drama came again thanks to Devin and his bi-polar HOH. Devin has a talk with Zach …… No longer trust Zach and tells him that. Zach doesn’t trust Devin either!



Devin tells Frankie that he is crushing on Brittany!!!!! WTF????? You hate Britanny, you got Paola to throw the BOTB comp because you wanted her gone so badly!!!?? But yes, he was serious!!!



Devin is just so out there, I don’t even know how to describe him, he is so condescending when he talk to people, then he talks, and talks and talks. He talks at you, not to you!! He strong arms people and I don’t think he even realizes that he’s doing it! He and Caleb  have no idea how they come across to other people! Neither one of them have any self awareness, they just don’t pick up on social cues that most of us rely on.

Then they get Cornhole, they practice at it ….. for HOURS!!!!! I don’t know which I hate more Cornhole or pool!!!


Zach is freaking out at this point because he hasn’t eaten or slept since becoming a have not. Oh I forgot to add that Devin named Brittany, Victoria, Zach and Derick have nots for the week. To be honest I think the guys volunteered but the girls did not, Devin says he doesn’t play personally, but he did name Brittany and Victoria have nots because he did not like them …. well that was before Brittany hugged him “genuinely” and he fell in love …… SMH!!!!!

Frankie and Zach as you guys saw on Sunday’s show, were really tight, I’m afraid they broke up. I missed what had Frankie so mad at him, but Frankie started trying to get Zach up sometime on Saturday……. I think!!!

OK ……. Now Team America, on Thursday’s show Julie told us we would name the next member of the team, Donny was already a part of it, so the DR told the members of Team America to meet in the Back Yard at 9:00 pm, they did. They recognized each other by saying stuff that’s all American like Apple Pie, Bald Eagles…….. Here is Team America:



OK I don’t think they’ve shown Derrick on the TV show for 15 secs, but this is who “America” (Allison Grodner) voted for to be on TA!! I have no idea what kind of tasks they will have to do, but Derrick said they had to sign a piece of paper, before they were allowed to be  in  TA.  I guess Grodner figures she can bring new fans to the show by picking Ariana Grande’s brother for TA.

Then Devin calls Derrick that he is planning on possibly putting up Zach, and taking Brittany off. Devin asks him what’s his mental state right now? Derrick says he’s depressed, I’m making food for him right now.

07-06-2014-21.56.15.Cam1 07-06-2014-21.56.18.Cam1

Zach is continuing to act crazy!! Honestly he was acting like a mad man!! He told Devin why don’t you pull Brittany off and put me up!!! He did this to himself, he did eat that night and got to be acting kinda back to normal.

Now we are finally on today!!!! I didn’t even feel like turning on the feeds till after the POV ceremony was underway, I swear the last few days have been exhausting!!

Feeds come back on and we get Nicole bitching about being thrown under the bus:


I have no idea why Nicole is at all relavant to any of this but it is what was on when the feeds came on, so ……. The whole house is bitching and buzzing about Devin’s move to put Zach up on the block!!!!!  Then Zach proceeds to blow up the Bomb Squad to Hayden.


He tells Hayden that day two Devin came up to him and said they were starting an alliance it was Devin, Caleb, Derrick, Cody, Zach, Frankie he tells him Caleb said and I have Hayden on the side. Then he tells him that Devin asked Christine and Amber to join the Bomb Squad too! LOL Basically he told him that they were more or less forced to join the Bomb Squad, they were strong armed into joining!

I almost forgot about this … . in a “romantic gesture”  kinda way Devin brings pickles to Brittany: LMAO!!

07-07-2014-03.19.10.Cam1 07-07-2014-03.20.40.Cam1


she asks him did you poison them?? She says you gotta try them first!! LOL

OK back to the aftermath of the POV ceremony, Devin tells Caleb why he put Zach up. He uses the TV screen in HOH room like it’s a Powerpoint, and tells him he already has done the math so getting Zach out will be easy!!! LOL


He says he’s got Jocasta’s vote cause “she’s a parent”, WTH does that have to do with anything???

Devin then goes downstairs and tells everyone that Paola did throw the comp! I know she said in the DR she threw it, but I don’t believe her, I think she just sucks at comps!!! LOL We all saw her in that swing comp, and the spelling POV comp with Calturo WTF???



Immediately after he told everyone that she thre the comp he then pulls Hayden up to HOH and also has Caleb and Frankie up there with him, he tells Hayden that yes they did form an alliance and it was called …. I’m tired of writing it out the BS, LOL anyway he asks Hayden if he wants to become a member of the now defunct BS, and Hayden says no at first. Hayden ultimately agreed to join because Devin wasn’t taking no for an answer!!


I hope I’ve included everything, I know I missed some stuff…. sorry!!  I’ve missed the last few hours of feeds cause I’ve been writing this!!! LOL I’m pretty sure they have been flip flopping, on what to do! It’s been a busy week in the BB house and things are changing quickly!!! I will leave you guys with the latest image from inside the BB house!


So far it looks like Zach is rallying the votes to stay, he’s outside talking with Donny, Cody, Hayden Derrick. The girls and Frankie are inside talking about the votes they will have to go either way!

Thank you crazy Devin for a great week of feeds!!!!



#BB16 First Impressions

This contains spoilers!!


So the feeds have been on for more than 24 hours, and I’ve got a few first impressions. Let’s start out by saying Frankie who won the first HOH competition nominated Brittany and Victoria, because they were the first two to fall off the comp that Caleb won. Caleb won the second HOH comp and nominated Paola and Donny, because they were the first girl and guy to fall off the first competition. Caleb is the standing HOH, so Victoria and Brittany are off the block and are safe. POV has been played.

First up we have Amber:ytfdfg


I like her, she seems like a sweet person in the game and in real life. So far no big game moves but the feeds haven’t been on for 48 hours! She is in the Crazy 8’s Alliance and was/is/??? part of El Cuatro, the all girl alliance that was pretty much over before it began.

Next up is Brittnay:


I know not a very good picture!! Evertime I try to snap one they change views!! LOL Anyway so far I think Britnay is kinda dangerous in this game, she wants to make big moves! She also come across as kinda bitchy IMO, but I like her so far.



Hmmm where do I start with Caleb!! LOL OK so many of you know that before the show even started there was “controversy” about Caleb and speculation began to grow about how he’d be in the house. I gotta say, he is a complete enigma!! I don’t understand him at all!  First night of feeds he was dancing with the other HGs when the feeds started, nothing weird about that I know. Then he started talking to Paola about how much he likes Amber…. That is when the Caleb puzzle started. It seems obvious that Caleb really, really …. REALLY like Amber, and he wants to confess his love of her to her, but so far they haven’t done much talking on the feeds. We’ve heard him tell the story of how she came up to HOH before feeds and stayed up there for 4 hours talking to him, we heard him talk about every time she’s ever touched him, we’ve heard about their dance:


It is so weird that he is that much in love with this girl!! Last night he was saying “when he say her at the airport”, so I don’t know if she was already supposed to be on BB, or his handler saw him react to her and decided to pull her in! His relationship with Frankie is weird also, in one of his Instagram post he calls gay people fags. I didn’t think that made him homophobic, but many people did. The first night in the house Frankie said he would not get along with Caleb, because he probably didn’t like gay people, then the feeds start, and Caleb and Frankie are sharing the HOH bed! He loves to tell stories of fights he’s been in, but seems like a little boy when it comes to hi “love” of Amber.

Caleb acts like a 12 year old boy when it comes to Amber, it is very interesting to watch! I hope he sticks around, cause I would like to know more about the puzzle that is Caleb. Caleb is part of the Bomb Squad, tho I’m not entirely sure who is in that alliance!




she hasn’t been on the feeds much, so I don’t know anything about her really.



Cody hasn’t done much on the feeds, he is a have not. I can’t get the image of John Travolta outta my head when looking at him!! I’m expecting Summer Love chorus to break out in the house at any moment!



I like him, he seems really chill, and cool, and also great at lying, of course you have to be good at lying to go undercover, so there’s that. Anyway he doesn’t talk a whole lot of the feeds so far, but no one has even mentioned his name as needing to go, I hope he sticks around for a while.



Oh bitchy bitchy Devin. He reminds me so much of Brendon, his voice the constant whining. I thought I would love him, I was wrong!! I can now see why he’s single!! The girls of the house, and actually the whole house has been talking about him having a major blowup prior to feeds, I hope we get to see that.  The girls not all the girls but most of them seem scared of Devin, and I’d like to know why.



I like him! He is funny in the DR, and yesterday he won the POV!! So he’s not going home too soon, he seems like a really nice guy. The HGs think he’s some kind of genius, not sure why they came the that conclusion, but they all believe he is lying about his job, and that in reality he’s a professor. Have no idea what he did or said to lead them to there, but….




I gotta say, I like him!! He seems kinda hyper at times, kinda loud at time but I like him. The house likes him too he makes a point to talk to everyone in the house. Kinda like Andy’s game last year, but without the rodent like aspects of Andy. He doesn’t mind getting blood on his hands, unlike Andy, he’s not a rat like Andy. So in other words he is much better than Andy!!



I don’t mind Hayden, he seems OK so far. He’s not as loud and boisterous as some of the other HGs, so I don’t see him on the feeds that much.



I didn’t think I would like her based … well mainly on the damn bowtie!!! LOL She musta brought a million of them into the house, and she must share them cause the girls last night were wearing them as headbands. Also the first show she kept saying stuff about god, I think that’s a bit much!! If God exist then he’s got other things to worry about right now, rather than ensuring Jocasta a good stay in the BB house!! She is OK so far in the house, she hasn’t been preachy.



I don’t like her!!!! She is the first member of “Team America” and she’s awful!! She is so loud and disgusting, last night she threw up in a bowl then sniffed it before throwing it away!! Gross…..  Then she washed her panties in the slop making pot. Just nasty, I hope she goes, so far that’s the plan, when Donny comes off she goes up, hopefully the DR will live with her being gone and try not to save her, just because she is on Team America.



Nicole is a weird one. She believes the house is haunted! I hope BB brings the “ghosts” in the mirror back this year just for her!!



Paola has been quiet on the feeds since they’ve been on, I think most of that is because she is on the block. The HGs say she’s calmed down a bit, but she is totally different than I expected. I thought she would be a huge loudmouth, not so much. The only time anyone ever talks to her is when Caleb feels the need to remeber Amber touching him one more time and asks Paola for advice, which she gave him pretty good advice! I am just shocked at her personality based on the fact that she’s GinaMarie’s friend, I was expecting her to be just as obnoxious as GM, I guess!



I don’t like her at all!!! I think I would but her personality is just too much for me! First of all she thinks she is the best looking woman in the house, and ordinarily I would not point out the fact that her nose is huge!! I think it’s great that she kept her nose and did not get it “worked” on, but she is so petty! Yesterday she was crying because her hair extensions fell out! She also has a “religious” rule where she can’t sleep in a room with men! Hello you went on BB, you have no expectation of privacy! Nothing you do in that house is private, get over yourself! I would hate to see the fuss she puts up when she’s a have not and HAS to sleep in a room with men in it. She always has a “bitch face” on, I just do not like her at all.



I haven’t decided if he’s an asshole who I’m not going to like, or if he’s an asshole that I will like! He has a bromance thing going on with Frankie, and a final two deal with Frankie. He really believes that him and Frankie are destined to be sitting together at the end. He sleeps all the time, other than sleeping, he enjoys hanging out with the guys. One thing that I do know is people who are making final 2 deals this early are usually gone quickly, so we’ll see hows this plays out with Zach.


So that is what I think of all of them, of course this can and will change… last year I kinda liked GM and Amanda at this point, and grew to hate them!